Monday, September 3, 2012

Early Years

I spent the first years of my life out in the country, guess that's why I'm still a country girl. I was so small when I was born that my Mom used a dresser drawer as a bed for me. I don't remember any of this time, obviously  but I'm told I was a pretty happy, somewhat spoiled girl. I had the honor of being the first girl born to my Dad's family since my Great-Grandpa's generation. We moved to the city when I was 3 and into the first home I remember when I was 4.

My parents

My Dad grew up mostly in California and went to high-school in Illinois. My Mom was born in Georgia but spent the majority of her growing up years in Florida. They both decided to go to Baptist Bible college to be missionaries, they ended up getting married and raising 5 children instead. My brother John was born in 1973, followed by me in 74, Mary in 80, James in 82 and finnaly the baby brother Daniel in 85.